cremation urns
Antigo Wood Works and Crafts

Antigo Wood Works and Crafts is a home of beautiful creations of wooden urns. You can also have your own personalized wooden urns for your loved ones. Here, you can have it customized based on your personal preferences like, favorite character, animals or based on their hobbies. You can also choose based on your customs and beliefs. Choosing cremation urn, you would be able to decide wether you are going to bury it in a crematorium or have it displayed in your homes. 

Credits to Wood U Make It for the video on Wooden Urn making.

You can watch here how a regular wood transform into a beautiful creation of work of art for your loved ones. Through this, you can still show to them how you value their existence in this world when they were still alive. 

Why Are People Today Are Choosing Cremation over Traditional Burial?

Choosing cremation over burial advantages and disadvantages. In many ways this choice combines the benefits of the traditional funeral service with cost saving of cremation. Here in this video, they would show you the benefits of having your loved ones cremated. If you would take time to watch this, you will be amaze of the benefits that you might consider this in the future.

Video credits to AIHCP Inc.