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Factors to Consider in Selecting Your Cremation Urns

Here are the factors to consider in selecting your cremation urns for your loved ones, these include the age, size, style or the customs and beliefs of these persons and lastly, the most common factor, cost. This urn will act as a vessel and a memorial from them.

Age and Size

Here is the first factor that you need to consider in selecting your cremation urns: Age and Size. When we say age, it also comes with the size of the person that needed to be placed. You can choose whether for the adult or the child urn. An Adult urn can hold a remains weighing 81 to 91 or more kilos while the child urn is for those who are less than the capacity of the adult urns. Size has some effect on the cost of Urn


designs of cremation urns

These may vary what kind or how he/she as a person. The lifestyle they had while they were alive. There are many designs to choose from, to match taste, personality, and purpose. Here, you may also consider their hobbies or passion.

Customs and Beliefs

In this factor, we will consider their beliefs, customs and most especially the religion of the remains in choosing. Especially that we can consider religion as the biggest or the most important factor in choosing the right urn.


Last, but not least, the most important factor – the cost. Human as we are, most of our decisions in buying or choosing what to buy, we always consider the price. Affordability and durability of Urns must be considered. How much to spend on an urn is often an emotional decision, based on aesthetics and relationships with a loved one. The added cost you must consider are engraving or other personalized design. Prize varies depending on the symbol and/ or amount of text. Though cost is a factor in choosing your design it need not be a limiting one. Keep in mind that traditional burial in a casket is more expensive than cremation urns.

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