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Going Green: Eco-friendly Cremation Urns


Eco-friendly means earth-friendly or not harmful to our ecosystem or environment. These terms usually refer to products that contribute or practice to help conserve our natural resources. This eco-friendly products also prevent pollution to the environment. Being environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important. They prove to be beneficial for the environment.

What does ECO stand for? ECO means Energy Company Obligation. This campaign is a government initiative that’s designed to reduce energy consumption.

Maybe you are wondering how eco-friendly related to cremation and cremation urns? It is related to cremation in a way that we can do cremation in an eco-friendly process. Natural cremation requires no harmful chemicals like those used in the embalming process. Cremation produces lesser environmental damage than the traditional in-ground burial.

Just like the cremation process that is environmentally friendly, cremations urns do also. We, at Antigo Wood Works and Crafts, do support the eco-friendly campaign. That is why we choose to manufacture urns that are made of wood. We are using old and solid wood to produce quality products. We choose these products that are made of wood because it doesn’t require chemicals that can damaged our ecosystem. It doesn’t need those expensive machines just to create a masterpiece.

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