About Us

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Antigo Wood Works and Crafts is a STABLE and trustworthy shop that offers COMFORTING creations for your loved ones. Our artworks are originally created by our DEPENDABLE artists.  Here, our main focus is on urn business. We want to provide affordable and quality urns for your loved ones. It was established due to the concept of land area maximization. When we meet at the end of our journey, everyone needs a place here on earth to rest in peace. We encounter problems on where to place the remains of our loved ones. Especially now, that the human population is constantly growing along with the mortality rate but the land area stays the same.

Mrs. Renalyn D. Escora establishes Antigo Wood Works and Crafts to help and provide a livelihood to the locals of Valencia, Negros Oriental. Because of this desire, you could see FAMILIAR faces of local artists, who are behind all of the unique, PREDICTABLE and beautiful creation. These talented artists of ours will turn your imagination into a material.

Since everyone handles death differently and with their own wishes in order to preserve their memories, we here at Antigo Wood Works and Crafts are here to help you find the closure you seek, honoring the legacy of your loved ones while bringing you peace of mind. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you and your family find closure and peace you deserve.