Urns, wooden urns

Our Vision is to establish Antigo Wood Works and Crafts as a well renowned and leading supplier of Urns in the country by 2030. It is our goal also to be the leading supplier of urns to all the crematory services in the Philippines. And also to create a treasure that touches one’s mind, body and soul. Where family, friends and the community can be at peace with their loved ones and their thoughts.

Our products are unique and affordable. We want to provide affordable burial choices for the Filipinos. Especially nowadays, the cost of a funeral is so expensive but with cremation urns, we can make it less expensive. Not all of us are prepared when one of our loved ones.

We want to be known as an eco-friendly manufacturer of cremation urns. Being part of the eco-friendly advocacy, we can help promote green living that helps to conserve our natural resources. We can also help to prevent pollution on our mother earth.

It is also our vision to help the local artist in our town to have opportunities. To use their talent and skills in providing their families’ needs by giving jobs in making wooden urns. This way, we can contribute to society by helping my neighbor.